Spas have been a way of relieving stress and physical ailments for thousands of years and … sanus per aquam (health through water) originated around the practice of bathing in hot springs and thermal waters (LaForest, 2004:1)

Thermal therapy constitute an important therapeutic tool, supported by centuries of experience of use and on numerous scientific research studies that demonstrate its effectiveness. Thermal treatment may be defined as a set of techniques directed to facilitating contact between natural mineral water and other complementary means, and the person to be treated - the spa user.

In a restricted sense, thermal treatment elicits a set of effects obtained due to the specific composition of natural mineral water, assisted by the effected derived from the thermal environment and the application of the techniques. Health and prevention are the primordial objectives of thermal treatment.

Clinical Thermalism must be medically prescribed and carried out at a Thermal Spa. The effectiveness of hydrological medicine has been fully proven (a speciality recognised by the World Health Organisation) in relation to combating the diseases of modern civilisation, various chronic diseases and numerous functional disorders.

Taking advantage of the exceptional qualities of natural mineral waters, an ever increasing number of Spa Resorts are offering programmes complementary to the classic treatments.

Thermal wellness is essentially designed for people seeking to enjoy simultaneously the recreational, tourist and therapeutic aspects that only Spa Resorts can offer. Also within this range, the therapeutic aspect is important, offering clients the opportunity to restore their bodily, functional and mental balance through showers, baths, massages, saunas, beauty treatments, etc., through short programmes (weekends, weeks).

With Oporto Health & Holiday you can have a memorable experience at one of our partner’s Thermal Spas. We have exclusive programs developed to act in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Perceived as referential programs, the treatments included and its duration will be determined during a thermal consultation accordingly to the clinical conditions and special needs of each case.

We have a range of Thermal Spa Programs to help you restore your balance. Our thermal health programs focus on health promotion and treatment of several ailments and clinical conditions, with a strong medical specialization. Offering distinctive facilities and experienced teams, our programs allow benefiting from the therapeutic effects of Portuguese Thermal Water.

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