Few people live a full lifespan without seeing an ophthalmologist—a specialist in disorders of the eye.

Thankfully for most of us, a good pair of glasses or contact lenses corrects the irregular shape of the cornea or loss of flexibility in the lens that causes the loss of visual acuity. But for many people, threats to visual health are more severe.

Ophthalmologists have developed a variety of medications, procedures, and surgeries to treat everything from “lazy eye” to glaucoma. In recent years, lasers have revolutionized the practice of ophthalmology, and the many types of laser surgery are quick, effective, and painless.

Unless you suffer an injury to the eye that requires immediate treatment, you probably aren’t facing an ophthalmologic emergency. Most eye patients have time to obtain a second opinion, weigh their treatment options, evaluate their doctor’s training and experience, and compare costs.

While recovery is quick after many eye surgeries, a few days or weeks of rest are often recommended. A relaxing post-procedure vacation at a nearby resort or wellness facility could be just what you need for a better recovery.

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