Are you considering seeking dental treatment abroad?

If so, you can get high quality but affordable dental care in Porto - Portugal, in one of our dental clinics. You can contact us and learn about different treatment options available, or get a preliminary treatment plan. Portuguese dental tourism is ?ourishing in recent years, due to the reputation of our dental professionals who adhere to highest standards, and work with best materials offering you an inexpensive treatment.

Our dental clinics offers a full range of dental services. Regardless of the nature of your problem we can ?x it all for you on the highest level.

If you could send us a recent panoramic x-ray, and describe your dental problem, our dentists and dental surgeon can give you a treatment plan and a price quotation by e-mail within 24 hours.

We recommend you to stay for a length of time required to get the best dental care possible. It is important to understand the recovery process and to have relaxing options for post-care activities. There are different dental vacation packages for you. We offer consultation and booking arrangements to see the sites you want to see during your stay in Porto.

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I have no teeth


Then you are surely interested in a solution called “All-on-4” where just 4 dental implants are used to support a bridge of up to 10-12 new teeth formed in a bridge for the upper or lower jaw.

The "All-on-4" solution is attractive to patients wanting to get rid of their dentures, and to people with failing teeth in need of a full upper and/or lower restoration. This procedure, as the name implies, only requires four dental implants per jaw to support a fully customized set of replacement teeth. The entire "All-on-Four" treatment is completed while the patient is comfortably asleep using sedation dentistry, and the best part is that the procedure is painless and the patient receives their full set of replacement teeth in just 24 hours. It is the most sophisticated solution there is to tooth loss and edentulism.

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