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A regular medical revision, known as Check-up, is an effective way for an early detection of diseases and to get some individual advices to preserve your health. The Check-up can provide you a detailed diagnosis of your health status.

A Check-Up is a health evaluation to outwit the potentially inducing factors of disease. This evaluation is appropriated to the individual risk profile depending on factors such as age, sex, habits and lifestyles..

All over the world increases the causes and the cases of genetic, allergic, autoimmune, infectious, degenerative, metabolic, tumor and psychological diseases associated with aging. More and more the society is exposed to stress and aggression factors which the most significant examples are the overeating, smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Types of Check-Up

Basic Check-Up
Executive Check-Up
Specialty Medical Check-Up

Depending on which Check-up you chose it can include a general practice medical consultation, a specialty consultation, different types of blood and urine analysis and different imaging and specialty exams. All medical Check-ups are adapted according to the gender, age and specific needs of each patient. Contact us to know what is the check-up adjusted to your needs.

Our Check-ups can last an all day or two mornings to be performed, depending on the type of Check-up you want to accomplish and on your availability. This makes it easy to be combined with leisure or business travels.

After all the exams and analysis are done our patients will have a final Medical Consultation where you will be given a report on all exams and analysis performed. At this time you can take any doubts that you may have.

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With Oporto Health & Holiday you can have a customized Check-Up, fully adapted to your needs, preferences and time. All the bookings and paperwork are made by our team so you can be calm and relaxed for what is more important, your health.

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An early diagnosis can save a life!

Oporto Health & Holiday will offer you a supreme customer service throughout the entire duration of your stay.

Book your check-up now with Oporto Health & Holiday and take advantage of your stay in Portugal to ensure a better overall health.

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